Create Better Impact Games

Create Better Impact Games (CBIG) is a game developer that conceptualizes and develops educational games that teach various aspects of environmental sustainability – including reuse – in a fun way.  One of their top games is called “Waste Not,” which is a card game where players learn together about keeping resources out of the landfill and using less energy in the process. It can be played in as little as five minutes, individually or collaboratively, and it generates creative thinking. Waste Not encourages upcycling, reuse, composting, and redesign of materials enabling that a-ha moment which shifts thinking from ‘cradle to grave’ to ‘cradle to cradle.' An online version and upcycyled decks are available at the CBIG website

Kirsten Bonanza, Founder and Awareness Designer of CBIG says, “The game structure is often used to help people develop skills and new ways of thinking – you know, the ‘out of the box variety’ so that players can become their own superheroes in the quest to save our world from destruction.” Kirsten further explains that, “Create Better Impact Games ended up in a 6th-8th grade special education classroom while we were testing out the game to make sure it worked prior to publishing. The students had a blast coming up with different ways to reuse items and the lesson kept them focused for much longer than their teacher thought possible. Six months later the classroom’s teaching assistant happened to notice that two of the students were standing over the trash can discussing what didn’t need to be in there. We were thrilled that the game was that effective and we look forward to widening its impact.”

The game was also tested at a permaculture design course at a local community college. Kirsten said, “We were wondering if people who already understood sustainability would learn something and have fun. What we found was that they still felt challenged by the game and then were eager to learn more.” 

When asked about why she became connected with Reuse Alliance, Kirsten replied, “The organization represents a group of people concerned with a key concept in sustainability. There is no ‘away.’ How we deal with our resources matters and increasing this understanding among people is important. This is why Reuse Alliance’s presence is needed.”  Click here to learn more about the game.